Timbal of baby squid and murgula mushrooms with caramelized foie-gras and creamed pea sauce.



Frozen peas

Bottled water

Baby squid

Murgulas mushrooms


Fresh foie-gras

Salt, pepper, sugar, mint leaves and oil



Mince the peas in a thermomixer, add water while cooking.

Liquidize together, add salt and pepper to taste.

Saute the squid and the murgulas mushrooms with the onion until golden brown but tender.

Add at the last minute some mint leaves and few drops of mint oil.


Setting up of the timbal:

In a mold first place the squid and the murgula mushrooms.

Place the foie-gras and sprinkle with sugar and then caramelize the sugar with an open flame.

Place a generous helping of Truffe Façon Caviar on top.

Pour some pea cream around the mold

Remove mold and serve.

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