"The truffle is not exactly an aphrodisiac but in certain circumstances it can make a woman be much more affectionate and make a man more loving."


Brillat Savarin



The truffle with its exquisite, but delicate and commanding aroma, is one of natures most splendid gifts, for an unfortunately brief season.


After a long, intense and passionate period of trials, we have finally found the right form, colour and smoothness of that other gastronomic legend, caviar. And so, the Truffe Façon Caviar made with 100 percent Tuber Melanosporum was born.


The real challenge has been to elaborate a truffle without altering or losing any of its taste or aroma. But at the same time offering to your pallet the singular sensation of a mellowed sensuality.


The Truffe Façon Caviar can be savoured throughout the year, to accompany or flavour any dish, such as poached eggs, risottos, purred potatoes, foie poele, hollandaise sauce, yoghurt, butter and all types of tartars sauces.